CTrip – Wild Thoughts @BrisSETt_GO


“Wild Thoughts” is the first single off of CTrip’s 5 track debut EP, “How It Feels In The NightTime”, released June 22. New York Outlaw produced the song that describes the “Wild Thoughts” a guy may have about a girl, simply because he’s lonely.

Christian Brissett a.k.a CTrip is an artist from Philadelphia, PA. He currently attends the University of Iowa. C primarily makes Rap and Hip-Hop music but likes to incorporate R&B melodies into his songs. A lot of his musical inspiration comes from East Coast rap, due to him growing up in Philadelphia. However, he listens to all different types of music which helps shape his sound of classic boom bap flows, gritty dark rap flows and a mix of soulful melodies. He likes to tackle different topics such as romance, heartbreak, struggles with drugs, amongst other themes.