Jackson Stone – Wildlife @jakcsonstone

Wildlife, a 6 song EP released under independent record label August Records, is Jackson Stone’s debut project. Throughout the EP, the 21-year-old sings over synth leads and trap drums as he describes his transition from the Bay Area to Los Angeles after he made the move to Southern California at the age of just 19. Since then, Stone has been meticulously crafting this project as a window into his life, doing everything he can to survive in Los Angeles while trying to follow his dreams of becoming an artist at the same time.

The track list is highlighted by the fourth track, and overwhelming favorite, “Crescent Heights,” which follows Stone through a dark and difficult breakup as he tries to move on and get his life back together in a new city. The lead melody is layered over a detailed array of percussive sounds and numerous additional synths. Jackson Stone has also received attention for his lead single, “Thoughts at 12 A.M.,” which speaks specifically to his transition from his parent’s house, to living on his own and supporting himself in Los Angeles.

Whether he’s singing, rapping, writing, or producing, Jackson Stone has had everything to do with the creation of this project, and is honing in on his craft as a multi-talented orchestrator within his field.