Music Submission – High Definition Audio

High Definition Audio – Music Blog Submission Guidelines



Once $15.00 Submission Fee Is Made Submit The Following Below!!!

The following guidelines for submissions for East Coast MP3. Please read them carefully before submitting your music:

– This applies to rappers, singers and producers.
– You must include ‘High Definition Audio – Music Submission’ in the subject of the email.
– The email should only go to:
– Include mp3 file (attached or external link), Soundcloud link or YouTube link.
– Music videos can be submitted but must be accompanied by their mp3 in CD quality.
– Please include short bio and a good quality professional or music artwork image.
– Do not submit more than 3 songs/videos.
– Do not submit your music on any of our Twitter accounts, it will be ignored.
– Do not submit content that is more than 6 months old.